The Race

The Silverton 1000 race was created for the crazies…although no crazy has yet completed it! It takes place in Silverton, CO surrounded by the stunning San Juan mountain range and takes runners along a 1 mile loop in the Kendall Nature Loop which offers up approximately 250 feet of elevation gain each mile. If you hate math as much as we do…that’s a grand total of 47.3 miles of running up hill during the 1000 mile race! Or at least that’s what this calculator thing told us.

Since not many people can be coerced into taking on 1,000 miles there is also the option of running for 24hrs, 48hrs, 72hrs, 144hrs or a straight up 100 miles. The hourly races are hosted like any time based ultra — you’re welcome to run as much or as little during your race time.


The 1,000 mile challenge is a little more structured than that. Since just running 1,000 mile all willy nilly seemed too easy for the race director there are rules — you must complete at least one full loop (one mile) every consecutive hour to qualify as a 1,000 mile finisher. There are also mileage cutoffs — you must hit 350 miles in 6 days, then 700 miles in 12 days and finally the full 1,000 miles in 18 days. Yes, that means you could be out there running for up to 18 days with no more than 90 minutes of sleep at a time. Yes, this is completely insane.

Of course, there is nothing sane about Jeremy so he is gunning for the full 1,000 miles! No one has ever made it past the 6 days cut off…until last year when Jeremy hit 350 miles on the afternoon of the 6th day. He had the option to continue on but chose to play it safe and called. This was his first go at a 6 day race and rather than risk any long term injuries he decided to stop at the 350 mile mark and come back in 2014 to give it another try.

And that is where we are now — he will be starting the 2014 Silveteron 1000 challenge on Tuesday, August 26th with plans to run the full 1,000 miles, finishing no later than Saturday, September 13th. You can provide a little extra motivation to keep him moving by donating to Jake’s transplant fundraiser, as described on the main page.

Once the race starts we’ll be posting links so you can follow the crazy, one mile at a time.

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