The Barkley Marathons

We all know the Barkley Marathons are nothing if not “accommodating” so if you’re hoping for a lot of updates this weekend, sorry, not happening. A few people will be updating when the spotty cell service allows them to so if you’re Twitter savvy check out the #BM100 hashtag for “live” tracking. And, as always, keep an eye on the Laps for a Liver Facebook Page for more photos and such! Eventually the official Barkley Marathon results will be posted here.


UPDATE: Jeremy is officially out of the running for the full 100M race. On Saturday night he came in from Loop #1 past the 100M/12hour cutoff but just before the 60M/13:20hour cutoff so he headed back out for Loop #2. Sunday morning he did not return to camp before the 13:20hour cutoff so when he finally did return 17+ hours after he was automatically tapped out. Our final update for the day tell us that he spent some time on the course making the most of his time in the Tennessee forests, just Jeremy being Jeremy. On the plus side he did collect all 12 pages [signally he completed the entire second loop] he just didn’t do it quick enough.

 Random Stats: With 35-40 runners starting the race [mixed intel] only 19 completed the first loop in under 12 hours [giving them the honor of continuing on toward the 100M finish] and an additional 5 coming in under the 13:20 hour cutoff for the “fun run” [only 3 loops]. Of the 24 people who were allowed to continue onto the second loop only 6 completed that loop fast enough to continue on toward the 100M with an additional 8 still in the running for the “fun run”. Only two runners survived their third loop on the course and only one runner headed out for the fourth loop…he did not return within the cutoff restrictions and no one won the race.

Photos + Videos

Race Start Video - can you find the green hat + Christmas sweater?! [also, the runner near the front of the video is Johan, the Swede that tied with Jeremy during the Backyard Ultra last October]

Before The Start – waiting on the lighting of the cigarette, an hour after the conch shell was blown.

UPDATE: The Barkley Marathons officially started at 11:23am PDT with the lighting of Laz’s cigarette.

Here are a few fun stories from people who have participated in the Barkley Marathons…

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Barkley 100: Short Documentary
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