Race Schedule

Upcoming Races

March 28: Barkley Marathons, Tennessee
June 25: Ronda dels Cims, Andorra
July 9: Vol State 500K, Tennessee
October: Big’s Backyard Ultra, Tennessee
October 10: 24 Hours of Boulder, Colorado
December 28: Across the Years 6 Day, Arizona

January 2016: Tuscobia 150, Wisconsin
January 2016: Arrowhead 135, Minnesota
February 2016: Yukon Arctic Ultra, Canada


Past Races

[most official results can be found on Jeremy’s Ultra Signup profile]

2015 Bandera 100K, Texas

2014 Big’s Backyard Ultra, Tennessee
2014 Silverton 1000 Challenge, Colorado
2014 Quad Rock 50M, Colorado
2014 Rockin’ K 50M, Kansas
2014 24 Hours of Palmer Lake, Colorado

2013 Across the Years 6 Day, Arizona
2013 Boulder 100, Colorado
2013 Bear Chase 50M, Colorado
2013 Silverton 1000 Challenge, Colorado
2013 Ronda del Cims, Andorra

2012 Boulder 100, Colorado
2012 Leadville 100, Colorado
2012 Rockin’ K 50M, Kansas

2011 Antelope Island 100K, Utah

2010 Leadville 100, Colorado

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