Predictions & Pledges

Have you pledged a donation for the miles or days that Jeremy spends running at the Silverton 1000? If so, you’ll find your numbers here! If not, head over to the Donation Page to get all the details!

Name Predicted Mileage Pledged Donation
 Anonymous  1,001 miles  $0.05/mile
 Pat & Jeff Ebel  1,000 miles  $1.00/mile
 Jake Brown  1,000 miles  $0.01/mile
 Tim Truitt  450 miles  $0.01/mile
 Candi Mills  1,000 miles  $25 total
 Filha  1,000 miles  $0.10/mile
 Kim Christy  500 miles  $0.05/mile
 Jeremy Ebel  26.2 miles  $0.50/mile
 Luzi  1,000 miles  $0.05/mile
 Jester  1,000 miles  $0.10/mile
 Mr & Mrs OLD PW Gym Teacher  $100 total
 Carrie & Nick  1,000 miles  $0.05/mile
 Tiff & Rob Smaldone  400 miles  $50 total
 Robert  999 miles  $0.10/mile
 David  500 miles  $0.08/mile
 Will  1,000 miles  $0.25/mile
 Jerome  1,000 miles  $0.10/mile
 Kirk  26.3 miles  $0.50/mile
 Action Wipes  $100 total
 Sara Rous  1,000 miles  $0.05/mile
 Kyle & Denice O’Leary  1,000 miles  $0.20/mile
 Lisa  $50 total
 Risa  400 miles  $0.20/mile
 Dave S  1,000 miles  $0.10/mile
 Dan Bennett  1,000 miles  $0.25/mile
 Gee & Deb Pope  1,000 miles  $100 total
 Teri Jakob  1,000 miles  $0.05/mile
 Dutch  512 miles  $0.07/mile
 Grandma Helen  1,000 miles  $25 total
 Walter  500 miles  $20 total
 Andy B  1,000 miles  $0.05/mile
 Eric Hanson  1,000 miles  $100 total
 Mr. Fox  1,000 miles  $5/day
 M Dan Griffin  500 miles  $100 for the 1st mile $1/mile for each over 900
 Noah & Ra-Kelly Family  Just have fun!  $100 total
 Pati Coury  1,000 miles  $0.10/mile
 Robb  1,000 miles  $0.25/mile
 Jen B  432 miles  $0.15/mile
 Jerry Armstrong  350 miles  $40 total
 Heart$aver  1,000 miles  $0.25/mile
Catie Sheehan & Billy Gamma  245 miles  $0.15/mile
 Gillinghams  728 miles  $25 total
 Handled with Care Massage  510 miles  $0.10/mile
 brettyoverby  550 miles  $0.10/mile
 Sam & Brett  642 miles  $0.10/mile
 Maggie Marzonie  1,000 miles  $0.35/mile
 Mean Jean  1,000 miles  $50 total
 Jenna  500 miles  $50 total
 Laci  1,001  miles  $0.20/mile
 Val  400 miles  $0.05/mile

If you have any questions or need to update your pledge information send an email to and we’ll get it all figured out! Thank you for all of your support — it really means a lot and will make a major difference in Jake’s life!

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