This is the perfect opportunity to act as an enabler for Jeremy Ebel’s second attempt at the Silverton 1000, a running race that is yet to have a finisher. You may not be able to make the trek to Silverton, CO to watch him suffer firsthand or bribe him out for one more mile with bacon but you can give him one big reason to keep on moving around the 1 mile loop course…your money!

UPDATE: We now have a Facebook page for this event…we’ll be using it to share updates on Jeremy’s progress and other fun tidbits over the next few weeks. You should probably go like the page — we’ll be sure to keep you informed on the the highs and lows of Jeremy’s loopy liver circles!

This summer Jeremy’s close childhood friend, Jake Calhoun, went through a health crisis that required a liver transplant and an extended stay in a Florida hospital, far from his family and friends residing in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Jake is now doing much better and while he is still in Florida receiving care from a transplant hospital he is preparing to return to his life and job in Pennsylvania. The most emotionally trying time is over but Jake will return home with some major medical bills, a life-time of follow up care and daily anti-rejection medication. This is where the fundraising comes into play.

2014-08-12 (1)1002605_10101646857383598_1786526108_n
It’s no wonder they are friends…

If you’d like to help coax Jeremy along a 1000 mile journey take a minute to pledge a donation for each mile he runs or each day he completes out on the course. You donation can range for $0.01 to whatever you can afford and you’re welcome to hang onto your funds until you know exactly how many miles or days Jeremy spends running.

To pledge a donation simply fill out the form below – we’ll add this to the pledge page with the display name you choose. On September 14th, the official end of the 1000 mile race, we will shoot you an email with Jeremy’s total mileage, days on the course and other fun facts, along with a link you can use to make your donation.

You may also make a donation directly to Jake’s fundraiser by stopping by his fundraising page through the National Foundation for Transplant site.

Thank you for all of the support – regardless of whether you are able to donate to Jake’s fundraiser thank you for being here to support Jake’s recovery and Jeremy’s insanity. If you cannot donate please consider sharing this with friends and family in the least spammy way possible, we’d greatly appreciate it!

Got questions? Leave a comment or send an email to and we’ll make up an answer for you!

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