The Story

Laps for a Liver? Wait, what? And, more importantly, why?

This website and all of its contents were pulled together for one reason — to help Jake Calhoun return to his new life with a lighter financial burden with a little help from his family, friends, strangers and most noteable, Jeremy Ebel. Jake and Jeremy go way back, all the way back to the 1st grade. But first, what happened in Jake’s life that warrants your care, your concern and your financial support?

2014-06-27-1During the summer of 2014 Jake’s life took a major change. The healthy, active collegiate wrestling coach from Wisconsin was in Florida just days away from taking on a major wrestling tournament when a training run went awry. He ended up in the hospital on life support with an unknown future, his family by his side. In the coming weeks his health¬†improved and with the help of a liver transplant he recovered, slowly, one day at a time. Jake is now back in Pennsylvania working his way back into the “normal” life that he knew.

When Jeremy took on the Silverton 1000 Mile Challenge while Jake was still in Florida recovering from his transplant an idea was born — maybe Jake could benefit from Jeremy’s crazy determination! The Silverton 1000 Mile Challenge is a mountain ultra that requires participants to run at least one loop around a 1 mile course every. single. hour. over the course of 18 days. There are various cutoffs and while this race has been around for a while…no one has ever finished it. Heck, in 2013 Jeremy was the first person to hit the 6 day cutoff of 350 miles!

That is how Laps for a Liver came to be.

It was created to as a fundraiser for Jake and a place for Jeremy to document his crazy running endeavors. Although the 2014 Silverton 1000 Mile Challenge is over Jake’s fundraiser still lives on and Jeremy is still running in circles (literally and figuratively) so this site lives on!

Read more about Jake’s story here!¬†(you can also make donations directly to Jake’s fundraiser on that page — anything and everything is greatly appreciated!)